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Kala vidya mandir English medium sr. Sec. School (KVMS) set up in a sprawling lush green campus of about 12 acres in Nadbai Bharatpur of Rajasthan to provide futuristic world class education is an exclusively English medium residential public school which nurtures the talents of young boys and girls with the blending of text and technology to produce future citizens of harmonious personality. The school is being run with the commitment to make an indelible mark in the field of education by creating a global study centre of excellence.

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Our Mission

Marching ahead with an impossible of developing the quality of leadership in every child through excellent teaching, unparalleled creativity, mental and physical growth . Holy Heights goes beyond the concepts of school that only imparts the vast knowledge stored in books and archives . it is an institution which nurture each child with the same intensity , zeal and passion with which a mother her child.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Setting an excellence , in the field of education with the methodology of enjoyment, excitement , friendship , endurance , discipline , compassion, competition and team work.

Our Vision

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Our Facilities

Music Classes

Learning music early in life can make a marked difference to the development of a child's social, cognitive and communication skills.

Debate Class

It gives students an opportunity to practice speaking in front of an audience and thinking on their feet. This can give a Student special strengths

Languages Club

English is, almost certainly, the most important subject that a child can learn in school.we begin learning basic communication skills.

Art board Classes

Arts and crafts are great for learners of all ages. From preschool paper plate tambourines to fifth grade homemade thermometers.

Sports Programs

Sports is a great tool for self-expression and problem solving. Students will have fun learning basic skills and the rules of each game

Hobby Class

Students develop skills in performing and perceiving through participation dancing, as well as watching, and supporting others in their class.

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